Welcome to Sunset Cooperative Preschool! 

Our mission is to provide a creative, inclusive and developmentally appropriate environment in which everyone is valued and accepted, while preparing children for a successful kindergarten experience. 

Our curriculum provides access to a broad-range of activities that promote large and small motor skills, social skills, and intellectual and school-readiness skills. Each day our preschoolers choose from a variety of hands-on experiences: 

  • Free choice stations
  • Hands-on math and science projects
  • Integrated pre-reading and literacy activities
  • Circle time with songs, stories and games
  • Creative arts and crafts activities
  • Music and movement
  • Opportunities to learn and use appropriate social skills

A typical day at Sunset Cooperative Preschool:

  • Focused Activity and Opening CircleIMG_3270
  • Small Group
  • Discovery Time 
  • Clean Up
  • Snack all together
  • Gathering and Outside Time (weather permitting)
  • Closing Circle
  • Good bye

We also go on several field trips and host special events for our families during the school year.


Registration for next year – 2016-17 is now underway
Registration continues for our class for the next school year!  We still have a few openings available.  Contact our registrar and make arrangements for a visit, if you like.  Get all of your questions answered!

COME FOR A VISIT AND BRING YOUR PRESCHOOLERS!  Meet the children’s teacher and a couple of parents who have children enrolled with us now.  Your child can play for a while and you will get all of your questions answered!
Tuesday evening, May 24th
See you there!


Contact our school’s registrar for enrollment, general information, or to request an observation appointment or facility tour.  We have just a few remaining openings for the current 2015-16 school year.  You may join any time as long as we have openings!